Thursday, 4 June 2009

Install Your Own Dedicated Server.

I found an interesting Website which advertises an Ebook with all you need to know to install a dedicated Web server or VPS.

You can become your own Hosting provider and save money currently spent with external hosting companies.

The site starts with following considerations:

- The majority of Software on Linux dedicated servers is open source and FREE
- There are open source control panels
- Most web professionals think that managing their own Server or Virtual Private Server is beyond their capabilities. This is a wrong idea.

The site offers FREE video tutorials which cover:

* Configuring the Webmin FREE Web-Based Control Panel
* Securing your online control panel
* Installing your own DNS server
* Adding user to your server
* Adding Secure FTP to your server
* Configuring your Webserver
* Creating your first website
* Installing a MySQL database
* Setting up outgoing emails
* Setting up webserver log analysis


The Ebook contains all these subjects and more and is surely worth its price especially if you are a Linux technician who wants to improve your skills.

I haven't told yet the name of this website. Have a look to