Tuesday, 27 July 2010

New eLearning From System i Developer

RPG Meets the Web
Wednesday, August 11

Join Paul Tuohy for this one-day eLearning class and learn the fastest way to get your i applications talking to the web. You don't need Java, PHP, ASPs, JSPs or WebspherPaul Tuohy, Instructore. You already have everything you need in RPG IV and ILE, the Apache HTTP Server and CGIDEV2. Get all three sessions for only $109!

Wednesday, August 25
Developing a Modern DB2 for i Database
Paul Tuohy discusses why you should move from DDS to DDL, shows you how to define a modern database using DDL and discusses the implication within new and existing applications. Get all three sessions for only $109!

Monday, September 13
The Quest for RPG /Freedom
Jon Paris, InstructorIBM has "liberated" the RPG language! With this new flavor of RPG logic, we're no longer bound to the old columnar format when writing our logic. Join Jon Paris on the quest for /Freedom - and learn not just how to write free format logic, but also why writing code this way can make your programs far easier to maintain. Exclusive multi-day in-depth eLearning.

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Friday, 16 July 2010

BANS Store Problems Solution

BANS means Build a Niche Store and has been used to develop stores especially for EBay products and to get commissions as an Affiliate od the EBay Partner Network,

I have developed some stores specialised in mobile computing with the following URL:

GoMobilemIssion.com (EBay UK Products)

IT.GoMobilemIssion.com (Italian EBay Products)

CA.GoMobilemIssion.com (Canadian EBay Products)

US.GoMobilemIssion.com (EBay USA Products)

Recently I noticed a strange error message as follows:

eBay Listing Removed error message

I could not find any information about this problems in the BANS documentation and, unfortunately the BANS forums seems to have been recently closed.

I was lucky to find with Google a good article which provides a simple solutions.

I applied the suggested steps and now my Stores work again correctly.

If you have this problem visit:

==> Pixelrage.net/AffiliateMarketing

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Big blue wants Firefox by default


Big blue wants Firefox by default

IBM has changed its internal IT policy to make Firefox the company's default
Web browser. It is seen as a major endorsement of the browser. Biggish Blue
have more than 400,000 staff .

Bob Sutor, IBM's vice president of Linux and open source software wrote in
his blog that Firefox was a “transparent development model”, with strong
security, and support for Web standards and extensibility. He said that
Firefox was the "gold standard" for open source Web browsers. Sutor added
that for the shift to the cloud to be successful, open standards must be
used in the infrastructure, in the applications, and in the way people
exchange data.

Big Blue liked the longstanding commitment of Mozilla to open standards and
the quality of the implementation of them in Firefox gives us confidence
that this is a solid, modern platform that should be part of IBM's own
internal transformation to significantly greater use of Cloud Computing.

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Monday, 12 July 2010

Affiliate Cash Ultimatum Review

I have just published a review of a very good affiliate program that I discovered recently.

You can read the full review at YourReviewsSite.com

You can find a summary below:

I recently bought this program by Paul Walker and I have been pretty happy with my purchase. I have decided to share my experience and to publish a review.

Affiliate Success Ultimatum Course

If you are looking to find an unbiased review online these day then good luck to you because all it seems like these days people are trying to get you buy the product so they make some commissions, instead of giving you an honest and insightful review to help you make up your mind… I can’t be bothered with trying to sell,sell,sell all the time so I’m just going to lay it out on the table for you what I honestly think about Affiliate Cash Ultimatum.

The program has been developed by Paul Walker who is a successful Internet Marketer who has been able to replace his debt of $ 45,000 with a commission income of $ 40,000 per month.

The course comes with a main PDF manual of 110 pages which explains in detail how to start an Internet Business and succeed as an Affiliate Marketer. The course explains everything in simple steps that can be easily followed evan by newbies or intermediate Internet Marketers.

In addition to the manual you will receive also useful videos. Moreover the manual includes links to additional specialised videos or PDF manual to give more details on each important point.

Moreover there are also worksheets and supplementary materials. You can use them to simplify the process.

It discusses the best way to choose your niche and products to promote, how to develop your own website or blog, how to get your optin list with good squeeze pages and how to develop a good relationships with people in your list.

There are also advance techniques and Paul will show you traffic generation techniques, which you can implement immediately.

In the end these parts come together – you have a winning niche and product, you have the right action steps in place and now you can generate the traffic to your site and make money.

Moreover Paul Walker will give you access to a huge, ever-growing package Of QUALITY Private Label Rights Products (Worth 1997$) that you can use to develop your business.

I was very impressed with the quality of the materials provided with this course. The only negative point that I found was the huge amount of information that requires some time to understand and absorb. New marketers will need time to grasp the concepts and therefore implementation may take some time. Nonetheless, this is one course that covers all basis and gives you the tools to succeed in due time.

I have decided to become an Affiliate of this program and I offer you a special deal. If you purchase the product from my Affiliate Link below, I will share 50% of the commission with you. Just send me the details of your purchase and your Paypal email address and I will send you the payment as soon as I receive the commission

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Linux Professional Institute Certification

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI), a Linux certification organization, announced that it delivered over 258,000 exams and 85,000 certifications worldwide. LPI's industry standard certifications are delivered in thousands of locations worldwide and in multiple languages, with the support of employers, vendors, and trainers.

The achievement reflects the long-standing commitment to the LPI program from both individual Linux professionals and the industry at large, said Jim Lacey, president and CEO of the Linux Professional Institute. “We have seen impressive growth in the last year due to the enthusiastic response from IT professionals to our revised LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 exams.” Lacey credited the results to a number of factors including the desire of IT professionals to keep their skills current in a competitive economic climate.

"IBM recognizes LPI as a key resource to help IT professionals gain Linux skills," said Jean Staten Healy, director of Linux strategy at IBM. "Linux continues to grow as a core technology for many of our clients, and they require a skilled technical community to help them meet their business goals."

The numbers are a testament to two things — LPI's growth and durability as a Linux certification leader and the growing number of Linux professionals, added Amanda McPherson, vice president of marketing and developer services at the Linux Foundation. “We see tremendous job growth for Linux professionals even in this down market and LPI certification is a great piece of that story." For more information about LPI, go here.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

SOA Tutorials

If you are interested in SOA you will find useful SOA tutorials in one place! These tutorials are valuable reference guides for you to learn about the most important SOA technologies and theories. In our tutorials you can find the definitions and explanations you need to get started as well the latest news, trends, best practices, and tools you need to optimize your SOA implementation and strategy. The tutorials below are listed in alphabetical order, from Ajax to WSDL. Use the links up top to go directly to the tutorial you're looking for, or read about each tutorial in more detail from the annotated list below.


Ajax Tutorial
BPEL Tutorial
BPM Tutorial
Cloud Data Architecture Quick Guide
Data Integration Tutorial
Enterpris Architecture Patterns Quick Guide
Enterprise Mashups Tutorial
ESB Tutorial
Governance Tutorial
OSGi Tutorial
SOAP Tutorial

This news was originally published at:

==> TechTarget.com

Thursday, 1 July 2010

IBM DB2 e-kit for Database Professionals: Extending skills is fast and easy

I have received some news from IBM about this interesting e-kit and I bring your attention to its content.

f you're a DBA or database developer currently working with Oracle or another relational database management system, learn how easy it is to get trained and certified for IBM® DB2® for Linux®, UNIX®, and Windows®. Features introduced in DB2 9.7 make it very easy to reuse your PL/SQL knowledge since DB2 has out-of-the-box support for Oracle's SQL and PL/SQL dialects. DB2 9.7 makes it easy to migrate applications, reduces enablement costs, and brings a radically lower total cost of ownership.

Expand your skills portfolio, or extend your DBMS vendor support to include DB2. You'll find that you're already almost there.

A downloadable version of this e-kit is available in the Downloads section.

The original IBM message can be found at:

==> IBM DB2 e-kit for Database Professionals